Crash by Haylee Delane


I received this book as an Advanced Copy Review by the author for an honest review. This is her first book. I had high hopes for this books because I love me an MMA bad boy.

Goodreads Book Description

“Harper: My trip to Brazil… and the irrestistible tattooed fighter I met there… were just a quick break from reality. Now it’s time to focus on my residency and my career as a doctor. Except my vacation fling turns out to be my stepbrother… the son that my new stepfather never knew he had. And my life is going off the rails. How can a man who’s a total player, who never had a father, help me deal with what he’s left inside me? Everything is chaos, but there’s one thing I’m sure of: I want Crash more with every day that passes.

Crash: Maybe I haven’t always had the easiest life. And yeah, there are things I wish I’d done differently. But you can’t change the past. The future’s what matters… and with Harper, I have a chance at something real. I want to man up, step up, and do the right thing. But how can I when she won’t even admit the truth?”

My Review

I tried to like this book, I really did, but it just didn’t do anything for me. I love a book where I can really connect to the characters and feel emotions through them, and I just felt nothing for these characters. I especially got very annoyed with Harper from the get go.

So Harper is on a trip to Brazil with some of her friends before they start their residency at a hospital when then get home. They go to a bar and that is where she meets Crash for the first time. This is where the book first took it’s nose dive for me.

When Harper meets him she automatically knows that he is a player. She tells herself she isn’t going to let him make advances on her “I was sure that kind of thing worked with other girls, but it wasn’t going to work on me. No matter how much my friends encouraged me to have a rebound fuck.” When Crash starts to make advances on her she leaves to go to the bathroom, and her friend tells her she should just go and have sex with him and Harper tells her no, “I’d never had a one night stand in my life, and I wasn’t going to start now.” When she exits the bathroom she finds her friends took her seat and Crash just pulls her reluctantly right onto his lap. Then later they leave to head to the beach and end up having sex in the ocean.

Now….. I’m all for a bad boy player manwhole type falling for a good girl, I’m all for  a girl character having a one night stand with said guy she just met, what I am NOT okay with is having a female lead character with no backbone and just fawns over a guy because he’s hot. She takes a character that doesn’t want a one night stand, isn’t interested in the guys advances because she knows he is a player, and completely shoves it all out the window because her friends tell her to and because the guy is hot. She could have easily made this character play a little harder to get and still have ended up with a one night stand for a better reason. It just pissed me off that the character was that much of a pushover. *ugh* It just made me so angry! I had to stop reading for a few hours.

When she gets home her mom  tells her that she is going to get married to a guy (who has lots of money) and asks her to come visit. When she gets there the mom asks her to move in because she would be closer to the hospital and wants Harper to get to know her new step father. This is another problem I had. This girl is supposed to be becoming a doctor, she has gotten herself through school, and worked her ass off to get where she is by being top of her class. She is independant and lives in an apartment with her friends. NOT ANYMORE! She decides at the drop of a hat that she’s going to move in with her mom and stepfather now. Can this character not have any form of indepencence or sense of self at all?  *sigh*

Crash’s mom dies and he comes back to the US from Brazil to settle his moms estate and that is when he finds out who his father is. We find out that Harpers new stepdad is Crashs father.

I’m not going to reveal the rest of the book, but it ended up with a happy ending.

I just couldn’t get over how much she could have made this female character so much stronger and not such a pushover. Crashs character was okay but forgettable. He’s an MMA fighter, which could have totally been a great spin on the story, but there’s only one or 2 scenes he fights in.

This book had a great concept but poor execution in my opinion.

I always love to read new authors but hate when I have to leave a bad review, but I need to be honest.

My Rating: 2 stars

Goodreads Book Page: Crash

Author Website: She does not have a website at this time.

You can find this book on Amazon for .99 or free if you have Kindle Unlimited. It is 12.99 in paperback. Buy this book here






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