Dirty Shame by Tess Oliver

dirty shame

I loved Tess Olivers Custom Culture series and her crossover series FMX bros, so when I saw she had a new book coming out I jumped on it! On the ad I saw it was described as a modern day Romeo and Juliet, which it totally is, and I LOVED it!!!!! Could not put it down! Plus the cover is hot 😉

Goodreads Book Description

“New York Times Bestselling author, Tess Oliver, brings you a brand new, sexy contemporary romance. The story of a first love so strong it never fades.

“We were prisoners of forbidden love, just like Romeo and Juliet but without the poetic, old English double speak and Italian marble balconies.”

A coal miner’s son, Kellan Braddock always knew he’d follow in his late dad’s steel toed boots. He also always knew that he’d never love anyone as much he loved Rylan Merritt. But sometimes love isn’t enough.

Seven years ago, Rylan Merritt left Bluefield Ridge with her heart in tatters. Now she’s back. And Kellan Braddock, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the boy who she loved beyond anything has grown into a man. Will she risk her heart again?”

My Review

Wow! This book was amazing and I loved it! I was up until 4am finishing this thing!

Kellan and Rylan fell in love in high school. Rylan was from the upper class area of town and her father was a board member of the local mining company. Kellan was the son of a coal miner from the wrong side of the tracks. To them it didn’t matter though, they loved each other even though their home life was so different. One night turns their world upside down and leaves them both heartbroken, and Rylan has no idea why.

Seven years later Rylan moves back to town after her asshole fiance cheats on her. She sees Kellan and her feelings start to return full force. Kellan can’t stay away from his true love even though threats from his past start to resurface again. He will do whatever it takes to keep her this time.

I loved the characters and I loved the story and the spin on Romeo and Juliet. The coal mining town setting was a really interesting take on this type of story. It kept me entertained and wanting more!

Tess Oliver has started to become one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait to see what she’s going to release next in the Bluefield Bad Boys series!

My Rating: 5 STARS!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

Goodreads Book Page: Dirty Shame

Author Website: Tess Oliver

You can buy this book from Amazon here, and it is also FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Buy Dirty Shame here

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