One Last Fight by Ava Ashley

one last fight

I received this book as an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Book Description

“A troubled fighter. A girl with a dark past. One last chance.

When a motorcycle collision forces MMA light-heavyweight phenom Rafe Maddox to take a break from training, his manager convinces him to spend that time making a name for himself outside the ring. Which is how he finds himself in the last place he ever expected to be: a reality dating show.

Lily Sullivan is no stranger to regret. But breaking Rafe Maddox’s heart was the biggest mistake she’s ever made, and one she’s desperate to make right.

Only Rafe refuses to talk to her.

When Rafe agrees to be the bachelor on a reality dating show, Lily knows it’s her last chance to try to win him back. She hopes their time together will remind him of what they once had, but with each encounter it becomes clearer that the only thing stronger than their attraction to each other is Rafe’s determination to shut her out.

But no one said the fights worth winning are easy, and this time they’re fighting for the ultimatumate prize: his heart.”

My  Review

This book had some things I liked about it, and some things I didn’t. One thing I really enjoyed was the authors writing style. I enjoyed her characters, and their development. What I didn’t like as much was “The Bachelor” type reality show which the story was based around. Too much girly drama for me.

Rafe is an MMA fighter that is convinced to go on a reality dating show while he is recovering from a motorcycle accident. He only agrees because he knows it will be good publicity for his next big fight coming up. He doesn’t plan on running into Lily, the girl that broke his heart 6 years ago.

Lily just wants a chance to talk to Rafe about what happened 6 years ago, and apologize. She thinks the only way to do this is agree to go on the reality dating show, since she couldn’t contact him before.

When Rafe finds out Lily is a part of the dating show, he is furious. He wants to immediately  kick her off the set, but the producers won’t allow it. Then the game starts.

Will Rafe forgive Lily for breaking his heart so many years ago?

Like I said before, I really didn’t like “The Bachelor” type show this whole book took place around. It was an interesting read, and it kept me wanting to find out what happens, but there was just too many women vying for Rafes attention, and too much drama attached to the shows producers. A reality show isn’t my ideal setting for a second chance romance. I loved the scenes where it was just Lily and Rafe outside the house away from the show. I will definitely read the second part to this book to see what happens next,and I will have to check out more books from this author.

My Rating: 3.5 stars.

Goodreads Book Page: One Last Fight

Author Website: Ava Ashley

You can buy this book from Amazon here on March 1st. (Ava’s other 3 books are available for free on Kindle Unlimited as well) Buy One Last Fight here

Give this author a chance. I LOVED her writing style and am looking forward to checking out some of her other books.




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