Redemptive by Jay McLean


I received an ARC of Redemptive in exchange for an honest review. I am also very excited that I was selected to be one of the participants in Jay McLeans release day Blitz! This is the second book in the Combative series.

Goodreads Book Description

“It’s said that your life flashes before your eyes when you die.
It must only happen to those whose lives were worthy.
Clearly, mine was not.

The only thing that happened to me was a repeat of what I thought was my death.
The blast of the gun as it went off.
The loss of my breath as two hundred pounds of dead weight dropped on top of me.
And then darkness.
This replayed over and over.

When the guy squatted down next to me and asked if I was hurt, the only thing I could see, feel,
hear, were those few seconds.
Even now, as I sat in the back of a blacked out van—it was the only thing that ran through my mind.
Gunshot, breath, darkness.”

My Review

So going into this book I had lots of questions and theories. Some of those theories were right, some weren’t, and some haven’t even been answered yet. This is the thing about Jay McLean as an author. She really gets you thinking about the story and what is happening in ways other authors don’t. Her books always leave you wanting more. I had no idea what was coming going into this book. I really wanted to know what happened to Ky and Madison but by the end of this book we still have no idea, because it takes place a few years earlier.

Combative was from the perspective of Ky and Madison, and at the end of the first book we learn that Madisons real name is Bailey. Redemptive is from the perspective of Nate and Bailey. I don’t really know if I liked this or not. I really liked getting the back story of Bailey and how she comes to know Nate, and I liked learning more about Nates character, but I just didn’t like the relationship between Nate and Bailey. All I kept thinking was she has stockholm syndrome and that it was just unhealthy and I really couldn’t get my mind past that to have that connection to the characters. However, I feel like Nate really does love her, but to me it’s just not right. I like Nate, but I am 100% rooting for Ky in the final book of the Combative series.

Jay McLean is a fantastic writer, and even though I didn’t like the relationship in this book, the writing kept me intrigued and wanting more. I am really excited to see what happens in the third book.

My Rating: 4stars

Goodreads Book Page: Redemptive

Author Website: Jay McLean

You can buy Redemptive from Amazon here (It’s also free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers 🙂 Buy Redemptive here

If you are a fan of Jay McLean you will love this series. If you aren’t a fan yet, I assure you, you will be after you read this series!



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