Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen


I was lucky enough to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Bittersweet is a new series by author Sarina Bowen. If you haven’t read any of her books before, then you are in for a treat, because she is an amazing author and you will be hooked. The first book I read by her was “The Year We Fell Down” from The Ivy Years series. The way she writes just captures your mind and really connects you to her stories and characters. When I found out she was planning a new series, I had to know more.

My Review

Bittersweet is the story of Griff, a hard working farmer from Vermont, and Audry, a college dropout turned culinary genius trying to make her way in a big time restaurant business out of Boston. When Audry runs her car into a ditch on Griff’s property, she doesn’t expect to run into the man she hooked up with in college. When Griff sees Audry he tries to keep his feelings in check, but sparks fly. This grumpy farmer is going to get a run for his money.

I absolutely LOVED this book, and here’s why: 1) The main Characters 2) The secondary characters 3) The setting 4) Her writing style and 5) nerdy references!!! So lets dive in shall we?

  1. The Main Characters: What I loved about Audry and Griff was it was so easy to connect with them and feel their relationship grow. Griff is a hard working guy that really cares about his family. He gave up some big dreams in order to take care of them when his father passed away and he is terrified of making a mistake that might cost them their family farm. Audry just wants to prove that she’s not a failure. She failed at college, she failed at being the perfect daughter for her mother, and she is close to failing at achieving her dreams of making it in the culinary business. The way these two start to fall for each other just tugged at my heart, and I felt invested in their relationship, like I was right there with them. THAT’S when you know an author is good, they make you feel everything the characters are going through right along with them.
  2. The Secondary Characters: This consisted Jude, Zach, and the Shipley clan. Classic Sarina Bowen, you fall in love with her secondary characters JUST as much as her main characters. I really loved Jude and am looking forward to his story coming this summer. The way he’s closed off, but hard working. Just looking for a second chance after getting out of jail. Zach was an interesting character as well. You don’t get too much background on him yet, but from the small snippets we get from this book you know his backstory is going to be interesting, and I hope the third book will be about him!
  3. The Setting: Having the story set mostly in Vermont on a working farm was great and I loved all of the descriptions of the apple orchards and the barns and bunk house and the family home. Everything jumped off the pages and I could picture it in my head as I was reading 🙂
  4. The Writing Style: Sarina Bowen knows how to draw you in and connect you to the worlds she creates. I don’t think there is a book she has written that I haven’t fully enjoyed, and I have read 7-8 of hers so far.
  5. The Nerdy References!!!: STAR WARS!!!!!! That’s all I’m gonna say! LOVED IT!

A farmer as the main love interest has never been my cup of tea, especially bearded ones, but after reading this……. I think I’ve changed my mind. This book was amazing and I am so excited to read more of this series!

My Rating: 5 stars!!!


Goodreads Book Page: Bittersweet

Author Website: Sarina Bowen

You can Pre-order your copy of Bittersweet from Amazon here: (It releases on June 14th) Buy Bittersweet here!

Extras: Check out this cool book trailer from Sarina Bowen’s youtube page here: Bittersweet Book Trailer






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