Steadfast by Sarina Bowen

steadfast cover

 I was lucky enough to get an ARC for Steadfast in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book in Sarina Bowen’s new series True North and is Jude’s story. I was really interested to see Jude’s backstory when I was reading Bittersweet, and Sarina totally delivered. This was an amazing follow up to the first book and I loved reading every minute of it. I was literally up until 3am finishing this one 🙂


My Review

Ever since I read Bittersweet, I wanted to know more about Jude. He was a character that kept to himself and had a lot of mystery around him. We finally get to dive into his mind in this one and I LOVED it! There are so many emotions playing throughout this book, and it really plays into the theme of second chances, whether it be in life or in love.

When Jude was younger he fell in love with Sophie. She was the “good girl” falling in love with the “bad guy from the wrong side of the tracks.” Her father was the police chief and didn’t approve of their relationship, but it didn’t matter, because nothing could keep Sophie away from Jude. A few years later, Jude gets into an accident with Sophie’s brother in the car and her brother is killed. It turns out Jude had been addicted to pain killers and now he ended up in jail because of it. Jude had kept his addiction well hidden from Sophie, and when she found out after the accident it shattered her.

When Jude got out of jail he ended up at the Shipley farm working with them for the apple picking season, but when it’s over, he has to go home and face his demons head on. He’s terrified to see Sophie, because he knows he still loves her but doesn’t think he deserves her love after what he did to her brother. When he runs into her at the church he goes to for AA meetings, his world gets turned upside down by her.

Is love strong enough to conquer the demons? Can Jude find a second chance in love and life even though he feels he isn’t deserving? Read Steadfast to find out.

This book was AMAZING!!!!! Sarina Bowen brought so much emotion into her characters. The way she handled Jude’s addiction in the book really let you into his mind and you wanted Jude to overcome his demons. You could feel how hard it was for him at certain points throughout the book and you just wanted him to be happy and see that he is deserving of love even when he thinks he’s not.

The book was set in a small town in Vermont, which is different from Bittersweet, which is set at the farm, but we still get to see Griff, Audry, and the rest of the Shipley clan (including Zach). Which made me really happy, because I LOVE the Shipley family!

I don’t want to give anything away, but I absolutely loved the ending of the book. I think Jude and Sophie just topped Griff and Audry for me. Jude really has become my favorite Sarina Bowen character. We will have to see if I change my mine when Keepsake (Zach’s book) comes out 😉

steadfast car

My Rating:   5 STARS!!!!!!!

Goodreads Book Page: Steadfast

Author Website:  Sarina Bowen

Get your copy of Steadfast HERE! Buy Steadfast Here

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