Lessons in Gravity by Jessica Peterson


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book of the Study Abroad series, and you don’t have to read the first book if you don’t want to, but if you’re like me then you should because I LOVED the first book! It’s the first series I’ve read that has been set in a different country, and it completely made me fall in love with Madrid and want to go traveling overseas 🙂

My Review

Maddie is in Madrid to study Spanish architecture in her University’s study abroad program. She thought being abroad with her best friend would take her mind off of her parents ugly divorce, but she still blames herself for what happened and she closes herself off. She doesn’t believe in happily ever afters or relationships, and she’s not looking for love. She just wants to have fun with all the hot Madrilenos she comes across.

Javier knows what he wants, so when he gets home after playing on tour with a famous musician he has a plan to make it happen. Win back his ex girlfriend, settle down, start a family. Easy right? Until he runs into Maddie when he’s visiting family one night. She makes him question everything, and he can’t get his mind off of her no matter how much he tries. Maddie isn’t looking for a relationship though and pushes him away at every turn.

Can Maddie face her fears and realize that she deserves happily ever after?

This book was excellent! I loved the setting (which is in Madrid), especially the monastery and the way she describes it. I can picture walking through it and seeing the stage and the stained glass and the architecture of it. I loved Javier and how charming and gentlemanly he always was, and how he was a guitarist who was starting his own band AND a pilot! Definitely swoon worthy!

This book even made me look up Flamenco music and listen to it while I was reading (Since Javier was starting his own Flamenco band), and I never listen to that kind of music. It totally set the scene and really got me to enjoy the book even more. Especially the scenes set at the monastery where the band is playing.

The only thing I noticed, for me personally, is that I didn’t connect with Maddie as much as I did Viv (who was the main heroine in the first book). But that’s just me. I think Javier blew Rafa out of the water though 😉 I’m a sucker for the guitar players!

I fully enjoyed the book and I HIGHLY recommend it! Especially if you like your romances hot and steamy, because this one totally is!

My Rating: 4 stars!

Quick review of Spanish Lessons (Study Abroad #1)

This book was amazing! I LOVED Rafa and Viv and how their whole relationship blossoms and develops. It was sexy, it was sweet, and now I want to go to Madrid darn it! The whole dynamic between these two, the push and pull, and the attraction they have to each other just pulls you in and keeps you up and reading till all hours of the night. It was amazing and you should totally read it 😉

My Rating: 5 stars!!

Links for the Study Abroad series

Spanish Lessons: Amazon: Buy Spanish Lessons here!  (It’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited, if not it’s only .99!)

Lessons in Gravity: Amazon: Buy Lessons in Gravity here!  (It’s free on Kindle Unlimited, if not you can get it for 3.99)

Spanish Lessons on Goodreads   Lessons in Gravity on Goodreads

My thoughts on the author


The main reason why I loved these books so much is the way Jessica Peterson sets her scenes and atmosphere. When she describes Madrid she makes you feel like you are right there in the streets of Madrid and you can actually picture yourself in the parks, or the monastery, or at the discotecas. It made me want to go out and find a tapas restaurant to go to with my girlfriends and drink red wine, it made me want to go find a churro stand at 3am, it made me want to travel to Madrid and see the monasteries there, I even started listening to Flamenco music because Javier started a band and played Flamenco music and I wanted to hear it! THIS my friends is when you know a writer stands out, when they draw you in, and you are right there with the characters. So go check out her website and see for yourself 🙂

Jessica’s Website  Jessica’s facebook page

Bonus Fun!

These alternative covers were too cute not to share 😉

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