Thief of Hearts by L. H. Cosway


I absolutely LOVE L. H. Cosway,so I was beyond excited when I received an ARC of Thief of Hearts! This is book #5 in the Hearts series, and it’s the story of Stu Cross who we have met in previous books.

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Book Description

Seduce the teacher.
Meet the cousin.
Make a deal.
Steal the painting.

Andrea Anderson has no clue of the thoughts churning around in the dark and dangerous ex-con’s head as he enters her classroom. In fact, she’s momentarily lost for words. Not in her entire teaching career has she had a student who looked quite like Stu Cross.

A widow at just twenty-eight, love is something Andie hasn’t considered a part of her life for a very long time. However, when lingering touches turn to whispered words and hot, searching stares, she begins to wonder if maybe she should take a leap of faith.

But Stu is in her class for a reason, and it has nothing to do with love. He’s there to burrow his way into her life and repay a debt, otherwise his family will suffer. Andie is the first person to show him true kindness since he left prison, and though he doesn’t want to mislead her, he doesn’t have another choice.

Before long, Stu can’t tell whether or not he’s acting anymore, and his feelings for Andie could throw all of his carefully crafted plans into complete and utter disarray.

My Review

Stu was one of those side characters that didn’t get too much attention in the other books. He’s the eldest brother in the Cross family, but whenever he’s described or talked about it always seemed like it was a put down. He wasn’t too bright, never let his emotions get to him, looked good but not AS good as the others type feel, but there is a lot to Stu Cross we haven’t seen yet. At the end of Hearts of Blue Stu is sent to prison in place of his brother Lee. Lee had taken care of their whole family since he was a kid and Stu knew it was time to step up for once, so he saved Lee and took the fall himself.

Thief of Hearts takes place 2 years after Hearts of Blue once Stu gets out of prison.

When he gets out of prison, he needs to plan one last robbery in order to save his family from a dangerous threat from criminals he came into contact with in prison. He will do anything to protect his family even if it means he could go to jail again. Little does he know that the woman he’s supposed to seduce as part of the plan will turn his world around.

Andrea is an adult education teacher at a college. She’s been a widow for 4 years, and has no plans of falling in love again. When she meets Stu Cross, she tries to keep her distance from him, but he is determined to have her. Little does she know she’s part of Stu’s plan in an art heist because he needs her cousin to paint a replica of a famous Rembrandt painting.

This book had romance, suspense, comedy…. it had a little of everything! I loved how we got to see a different side of Stu. In previous books he just seemed like the muscle. Big guy, not too much smarts but loyal, nothing special about him, he was just one of the Cross brothers. In Thief of Hearts he deals with feeling insignificant and unworthy. He doesn’t believe he’s good or that he has a chance to make his life better. He’s pretty much given up on himself. When he starts school, we find out that he is dyslexic, and that he can’t read or write very well, but that he is a genius with numbers and math. Andrea knows that he has talent, he just needs to focus and want to learn. He never planned to fall in love with Andrea, but he did. She taught him to believe in himself, and that he can be something more. I think their relationship and how she would never give up on him was beautiful.

I never really gave Stu a passing thought when I read the other books. When I saw Thief of Hearts was Stu’s story my first thought was “Why is Stu getting a book? I’d rather have Trevor’s story.” I was surprised with how much I loved Stu’s book though. It really was amazing.

Some of my favorite things about this book were the side characters. Trevor is hilarious as usual, and I can’t wait for his book, which is coming next. Alfie and Jamie were great characters as well. The whole scene with them at the end was priceless, and just made me SO happy! They were so unique, and I wish we could see more of them in later books 🙂

The only thing I was sad about is we didn’t get to see Jay or Jack or anything from the circus again which is sad, because I loved all of those characters, but alas…… This book is about 4 years behind where the end of King of Hearts ended. So it’s still set before everything with Jay and Jack happened. I hope Trevor’s book might catch up the time lines and we might get to see them again. Who knows.

All in all the way L. H. Cosway writes is beautiful and whenever I read one of her books I always get so attached to the characters because they feel real to me. Her books just suck you in, and it is literally like a movie will play in your head as your are reading because of her writing style. She never disappoints!

My Rating: 5 Stars!

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About the Author

L.H. Cosway Author Pic.jpg

L.H. Cosway lives in Dublin, Ireland. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books. She thinks that imperfect people are the most interesting kind. They tell the best stories. L.H. is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.


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