Murder at Mistletoe Manor by Holly Tierney-Bedord

I met Holly at the Badger State Author Event this year. She has a lot of really awesome novella’s and she gave me an ARC of her newest novella release Murder at Mistletoe Manor in exchange for an honest review. It releases on Oct 12th, and it’s a perfect Halloween time read 😉

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Book Description

Klarinda Snow is the innkeeper of a beautiful, historic bed and breakfast in Windy Pines, Idaho. Guests come to Mistletoe Manor to escape from their troubles while enjoying the scenic mountain town.

When all seven rooms of the inn get booked on a Tuesday night in December, Klarinda is excited about having so much business, but a little confused as well. After all, her inn normally isn’t exactly a destination hotspot.

The guests have barely settled in before strange things begin happening. Is this the most accident prone group of travelers ever, or is someone out for revenge?

My Review

I’ve read a few of Holly’s Novella’s and I really enjoyed this one! Especially since it is a perfect one to read during October and Halloween time.

Klarinda owns a bed and breakfast in a small town in Idaho. When the inn gets fully booked out of the blue, she suspects that there is something weird going on. Little does she know that it all surrounds a plot for murder!

This was a quick read, and it was really entertaining. You know something is going on, but you can’t figure out exactly who was behind it. I guessed from the start, but the person ended up not being the actual person I thought they were. The characters were quirky and you just couldn’t help feeling bad for some of them when the “mishaps” happen. It kind of reminded me of Clue. I also liked the little map the author provided of the Inn, it helped me visualize where everyone was in the house and the layout.

This book was a great mystery novella. I highly recommend it 🙂 Also it’s a great Halloween read!

My Rating: 4 stars!

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Book Description

At just twenty-five years old, Elinor has landed the job of her dreams: She’s going to be Merry the Advice Fairy for the Snowflake Valley Gazette. She’s ecstatic that she’s about to embark on a fun, cushy career while living in the cutest, quaintest town she’s ever known.

She’s barely settled into her desk at work when that famous Snowflake Valley shimmer starts to fizzle. The real Snowflake Valley bears little resemblance to the picture postcard tourist destination she and her family loved when she was a child. Her new co-workers are uninspiring, to say the least, and the problems that people are submitting to the Gazette are much weightier than what she was expecting.

Losing faith in herself, Elinor considers cutting her losses and moving on. However, the attention of hot young reporter Nile might be enough to get her past her chilly start in Snowflake Valley, and back to seeing its charm once again.

My Review

I absolutely loved this novella. It’s a really cute romance novella about a woman who moves into the small town of Snowflake Valley to become a “Dear Abby” type writer for the local paper. It doesn’t turn out to be all she thinks it would be and starts to wonder if she should just give up.

The way she helps out the town citizens that write in was really sweet, and the cute romance between Elinor and Nile was adorable 🙂 I love Holly’s novellas, they are quick fun reads that leave you smiling.

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Full Length book by Holly



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4 Responses to Murder at Mistletoe Manor by Holly Tierney-Bedord

  1. Thank you, Jenn, for taking the time to review Murder at Mistletoe Manor and The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy! I’m glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for helping to spread the word about my books!


  2. Reblogged this on Holly Recommends… and commented:
    Thank you, Unapologetic Book Addict, for reviewing Murder at Mistletoe Manor and The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy!


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