The Trouble With Lust by T. M. Cromer


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I first met T. M. Cromer at the Badger State Author Event. I hadn’t heard of her before, and her books looked really interesting, so I signed up for her newsletter. When she posted her sign up form for The Trouble With Lust I jumped right on it!

The Trouble With Lust is the 2nd book in the Workout World series and follows the story of Mason and Shonda.

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Book Description

Mason Sharp has sworn off relationships, but he’s not opposed to a casual affair. He thinks he’s found the perfect woman for a little fun in paradise in Shonda Grant. What he’s really found is a hot mess. 

It only takes one look at Mason, and Shonda’s internal alarm is screaming “Danger!” However, the real trouble starts when someone breaks into her suite.

As Mason fights against his ever-growing affection for Shonda, they try to solve the mystery surrounding the break-in. In the process, they stumble upon corporate espionage and a person willing to go to any lengths to keep from being exposed. What started as fun in the sun could end in tragedy unless they discover who is the master player in this deadly game of chess.

My Review

I loved this book 🙂 From the first book, you know Mason and Shonda have a complicated relationship, but we don’t find out too much. I really loved their characters from Burning Resolution so I was excited to read their story in The Trouble With Lust.

Mason is a player. Ever since he got his heart broken when he was younger, he has always closed the door on any type of relationship other than no strings attached sex. When he meets Shonda on the plane to St. Thomas, he’s drawn to her, but immediately put up his walls and tells her point blank I don’t do relationships. Shonda is taken in by him, and against her better judgement she agrees that she won’t seek more from him, but as you know in romance novels…… it never works out that way. Shonda starts to develop feelings for him that she tamps down and hides. She knows if she lets onto her feelings he will go running.

Mason has no idea what is happening with him. He refuses to acknowledge anything he is feeling for Shonda at all costs, pushing her away in the process. When it seems like Shonda has someone after her, he knows he must protect her at all costs, but he still can’t bring himself to face his feelings. Will anything force him to see reason and accept he might have feelings for her?

This book was a quick fun read that kept me on my toes and had me reading non stop. I loved the push and pull between Shonda and Mason. Shonda never took any of Mason’s crap and would be quick to put him in his place when he was being a jerk. (And he could be a jerk a lot of the time lol) Like the first book, the danger in the plot was a little over the top, but I didn’t care as much because I loved Mason and Shonda’s relationship so much. It was super sweet at the end.

I highly recommend this book, it was addicting, and I read it all in one sit down 🙂 You won’t be disappointed!

My Rating: 5 stars!

Read book 1: Burning Resolution

Burning Resolution.jpg

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Book Description

Armed with a New Year’s resolution and a surly attitude toward physical fitness, Erica Sutton hires a personal trainer to whip her pudgy self into shape. What she hadn’t bargained for was Zack Sharp – the owner of Workout World – assigning himself to be her workout nazi.

An obsessed ex-lover of Zack’s notices the attention he is paying Erica and sets out to remove the competition by any means possible.

Now, Erica and Zack are holed up, debating the merits of donuts, sex, and love while their crazy stalker sets out to light their world, quite literally, on fire. It’s a race against time to find their assailant before the relationship they’ve started to build is burnt to the ground.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. The banter between Erica and Zack was hilarious! Especially when Erica wants her pizza, coffee, or donuts 😉 I think one of my favorite scenes is when Erica steals the pizza box when Zack tells her she can’t have any. It was just so funny. The romance between them was really sweet. The whole no coffee in the morning scene was great too. The author does a great job with dialogue when they bicker over the silly stuff. It was just fun to read.

The side characters were great too. I loved Zack’s family, and I’m looking forward to Mason’s story next. Jacob, Zack’s son,  was adorable and I loved how attached he got to Erica. And McFatty……. can’t forget McFatty! (He’s the cat 😉

Some of the scenes and the bad things that happen to Erica were a little over the top, I like my romances to be somewhat believable, but it worked out well and kept me interested 🙂

All in all it was a quick read, kept me entertained, and I really liked the characters. This was a great start to the Workout World series 🙂

My Rating: 4 stars!

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