Life, Love, and Death and When Time Comes by Cat Nicolaou

I was given a copy of both of these books by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Book Description

Love hurts like a thorn when red lips give a last kiss on a rainy day on the island of bliss.

Life, Love and Death is a collection of short stories of Romance, Crime, Horror and Comedy.

*Includes award-winning story “The Island of Bliss”*

My Review

This book…….. I don’t even know what to say. It was morbid, gruesome, and really made you think about different aspects of life and how love isn’t always pretty. I kind of thought of it as a romantics version of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, (you know, that kid’s book from the 90’s with the scary stories).

Some of the stories were cruel, some were funny, some were sad, and some were tragic. No happily ever afters here, but the stories were interesting and some shocked me when I got to the end.

A few that stuck out to me were Island of Bliss, On a Rainy Day, The Treehouse, Clay Soldiers, The Last Kiss, An Unexpected Meeting, and Jack in the Box.

Island of Bliss was just tragically sad. On a Rainy Day I thought was really sweet, until I got to the end and I realized just how morbid this book was going to be! My jaw totally hit the floor, and same thing with The Treehouse and Clay Soldiers. Clay Soldiers was probably the one I found most similar to the kids ghost stories you’d tell around the campfire. It was funny and creepy, and entertained me.

The Last Kiss was one of those short stories that make you realize you need to cherish every moment you have with loved ones, because one day they will be gone.

An Unexpected Meeting was funny, yet I was seriously sad afterwards. Michael was a creeptastic character that really went about things the wrong way, but the way he went……. I was sad.

Lastly Jack in the Box totally had one of those moments where if you were drinking water you would have spit it out all over the place when you get to the end. I thought to myself “what in the…….. wow…… didn’t see that one coming”

All in all this book was fantastic. Creepy, morbid, and grotesque, but highly entertaining and at times thought provoking. Well done Cat!

My Rating: 4 stars!


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Book Description

Athena can’t avert her eyes. Alex Dane is back in Greece. Her mind wanders in time, six years ago, to the island of Rhodes. Three lustful days with him and a precious gift he left her with. All she needs is a leap of faith, but will he fly? Dare they dream again “When Time Comes”?

My Review

I absolutely loved the beginning half of this book. When Athena meets Alex on the cruise ship and they started a whirlwind romance it was sweet, fun, and I loved the build up between them while they are on the ship. When Athena draws Alex and then gives him the portrait when she goes to leave it was one of those moments where you are yelling at the characters to “stop, go back, don’t leave it like that! Speak your feelings!”

The second part happening six years later is where I started to enjoy it less, and it’s basically because of Athena and how she never tried to contact Alex because she was scared. To me all of her reasons just didn’t fly with me. By the end of the book I was just so annoyed with how Athena handled things it brought this book from a solid 4 star to a 3 star. That’s just my opinion though, others might not feel as strongly about it. I did like their happy ending though.

My Rating: 3 stars

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  1. Cat Nicolaou says:

    Thank you so much for your reviews! ❤


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