Operation: Romeo by Kat Cantrell (a Barefoot Bay Kindle World novella)



I had never heard of Kindle Worlds before last week. If you don’t know what it is, it is fan fiction inspired by a popular series of books. Authors can create new stories within an existing world. This book, Operation: Romeo is a novella in the Barefoot Bay Kindle World. You didn’t need to read any of the Barefoot Bay books in order to read this.

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Book Description

Jilted groom Garrett Van Doren didn’t expect to spend his wedding night alone. But finding Callie Jones in his bed—naked—also wasn’t in the plan. The mortifying hotel room mix up never should have happened but Garrett needs someone to keep him from jumping into the next relationship too fast. Callie is determined to seduce his brother to get herself out of a dating rut. What else can they do except join forces? But Operation: Romeo takes an unexpected twist when Callie realizes she was in the right bed all along—Garrett’s. And the determined Navy SEAL is trying to set her up with his brother…

This is book #1 in a duology set (SEALs on Vacation) in Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay Kindle World. It can be read on its own, but also read Seduced By The Best Man by Zoe York for Garrett’s brother’s story!

My Review

This was a really cute story. Callie is a planner, and for once she just wanted to be impulsive and try and make a play for the guy she has a crush on. Little does she know it’s not his bed she ends up in when she sneaks into his room. Dylan switched rooms with his brother Garret who was just left at the alter by his fiance. After being mortified at finding she’s in bed with the wrong brother she goes to leave, but Garret convinces her to stay, just to talk. Callie and Garret decide to enact Operation Romeo, where Callie will keep the single ladies away from Garret so he doesn’t get tempted after being jilted at the alter, and in exchange Garret will give her the details on Dylan so she can hopefully ask him out.

What starts out as a simple plan becomes complicated fast. When Callie realizes Garret is really the brother she wants, how will she tell Garret? She’s supposed to be the one keeping him away from women. Garret knows that he has feelings for Callie, but he doesn’t want to make the mistake of jumping into a relationship again. What happens when the truth comes out?

This novella was super cute, and the ending was adorable! I’ve never read any of the Barefoot Bay stories before, and it didn’t matter. It’s a standalone. I highly recommend this one 🙂

My Rating: 4 stars!

About the Author


USA Today Bestselling Author Kat Cantrell read her first Harlequin novel in third grade and has been scribbling in notebooks since she learned to spell. What else would she write but romance? When she’s not writing about characters on the journey to happily ever after, she can be found at a soccer game, watching Friends or dancing with her kids to Duran Duran and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Kat, her husband and their two boys live in North Texas. She’s a proud member of Romance Writers of America®. Kat was the 2011 Harlequin So You Think You Can Write winner and a 2012 RWA® Golden Heart® finalist for best unpublished series contemporary manuscript. She’s represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Agency.

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