Clean Slate by Lan LLP


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Book Description

It started as a mother’s dying wish…

CEO James “Max” Reid is a confident, self-made billionaire who thoroughly enjoys the fruits of his labor and success. The world sees him as a materialistic asshole, but not his ailing mother. She knows there’s much more to her son than his arrogant façade. Desperate to help Max discover who he truly is, she persuades him to make her an unbreakable promise. “Give from your heart, not your wallet.” He has no choice, but to fulfill her dying wish.

It started as a family’s aspiration…

Emilia Vitalia Young is the girl-next-door people can’t help but fall in love with. She comes from a family that believes happiness comes from putting others first. When an unexpected tragedy strikes, Emilia is left with an incurable heart, her family business, and a large inheritance. Being the sole survivor, she takes it upon herself to keep her family’s aspiration alive.

What happens when fate gives them a clean slate?

Encountering Max at an orphanage in Vietnam changes the course of both their lives. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but Emilia errs on the side of caution, fearing more heartbreak would destroy her completely. With a clean slate, it’s up to Max to put someone else before his own needs and desires. Can these two broken souls find a way to repair their damaged hearts?

My Review

I really loved this book. The characters were great, and the setting was beautiful. I had never heard of this author before Clean Slate, and I will definitely be reading more of her books.

Before Max’s mother died, she meant everything to him. When her dying wish was for him to “Give from his heart, not his wallet” he knows that he needs to honor that wish. In a last minute decision he signs up to help with charity work at an orphanage in Vietnam. He doesn’t expect he will find the love of his life there.

Emilia’s life had been turned upside down after a tragic accident. When she decides to volunteer at Hearts for Keo Binh, an orphanage in Vietnam, she doesn’t expect to fall in love, especially not with a man like Max. When she finds out who he really is back in Chicago, can she trust that the feelings he has for her are real?

Clean Slate is all about finding yourself and starting over. It was a great story and I really loved it. I especially loved the characters from the orphanage and the children. This book had me reading all day until I was done. I highly recommend it!

My Rating: 5 stars!


About the Author



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By profession, she’s technical and structured, but by choice, she enjoys being creative and spontaneous. Writing gives her the freedom to be whatever or wherever she wants to be as her mind takes her on adventures as far as her imagination can reach. When she’s not off on one of her writing journeys, her time is split among her two adorable little girls, her supportive husband, family, friends and an extremely rewarding job of caring for cancer patients.


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