No Trespassing by K. D. Robichaux


I saw the this on the Hype PR page and it looked amazing, so I had to sign up for this one 🙂 I am really happy I did, because this was an awesome book!

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Book Description

Being the daughter of world-renowned archaeologists, it’s in Emmy’s blood to want entry into the many off-limits historical places around the United States. Having graduated with her degrees in history and archaeology, you’d think she could just waltz right in wherever she wanted, right?


Dean Savageman, host of The Adventure Channel’s No Trespassing, is the rock star of documentaries, and is always called first to explore the most forgotten, dangerous, and inaccessible places around the country. No one gets dibs before him—certainly not the huffy wanna-be archeologist who keeps showing up at the most obscure undocumented locations, no matter how beautiful she is.

After years of run-ins—and unwanted fantasies—with her self-proclaimed mortal enemy and having given up on gaining entry to one of her dream sites the legal way, Emmy sneaks into the NOLA Catacombs, having no idea Dean is in their depths.

What happens when these two get trapped together, alone, twenty-five feet under the streets of New Orleans is one for the history books, or at least an episode of… No Trespassing.


My Review

This was an all around awesome book! The characters were great, the story line was great, and it was a really fun read. I would love to see more books with these two, there is so much potential for it!

I always love adventure type romances, and this definitely delivered. Emmy was a really interesting and fun character. She’s an introvert, and is geeky (which I loved! Especially seeing all the fun geeky references throughout the book), and has a total lack of social skills. I think some of my favorite scenes were where she was doing crazy happy dances when she discovered something, because it’s totally something I would do 😉

Dean was an awesome character. I loved his backstory, and the reason he loves to explore historical and off limit sites. He’s a genuinely nice guy, and when he falls for Emmy their relationship is a whirlwind of adventure and love.

I normally don’t like insta-love type romances, but this one totally sucked me in and I loved it. The whole theme of fate and the Atlantis Ring running throughout the story was just unique and sucked me into believing they were meant to find each other in the NOLA catacombs. There were some really great scenes that made me laugh and connect to the characters because it’s something I myself would probably do. One scene they discover something about the Golden Ratio, and they start doing crazy dance moves while spouting random facts about it when they were excited about what they discovered. I LOVED this scene. It really made the characters come to life. Also I think one of my favorite references was the Eurotrip reference with Dean’s text alert. THAT was awesome and had me laughing!

The only thing I didn’t like about the book (and the reason I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 star rating) is because it just felt like in the end it was lacking. It jumped ahead 2 months, and I really wish we could have seen more of what happened throughout that time instead of just seeing a few references to what happened. There was SO MUCH potential there to add more to the story. I did however LOVE the ending it was really sweet, and I will read this one over and over.

I REALLY hope this author writes more with these characters because I would love to see more No Trespassing adventures with them 😉

If you love adventure romances, this is your book! I highly recommend it!

My Rating: 4 Stars!


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