The Fragile Line Series by Alicia Kobishop (Part 1, 2, and 3)

fine-line-bannerYou don’t have to have read The Fine Line to enjoy The Fragile Line Series, but there are events that carry over from Fine Line to this series, and it gives you a different perspective on some of the characters that cross over. I’d recommend reading Fine Line first, because it was an awesome book, and to me it gave me a better reading experience going into The Fragile Line 🙂

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Book Description

Chloe McCarthy thought she had found the perfect guy. Someone just as detached as she was when it came to love and commitment. Someone who never pressured her for more than just sex. But when she gets a little too comfortable with their arrangement, and he rejects her for someone else, it triggers heartbreaking memories that leave her questioning her resolve for a commitment-free life. In a moment of self-pity, she calls on the one person who she knows will make her smile.

Matt Langston lives a drama-free life, and he wants to keep it that way. Chloe McCarthy? All drama. Which is why he needs to stay away from her. A mechanic by day and bouncer by night, he tries to focus on work, but the more he tries, the more she creeps into his thoughts and his dreams, until he realizes that he needs to get her out of his system once and for all.


My Review

This series completely surprised me. Alicia Kobishop took a character that you were meant to dislike from The Fine Line and made her the focal character of The Fragile Line series, and she did it in such a way that at first you want to hate her. She’s manipulative, and a liar, and uses people to get what she wants, but then after she meets Matt, she changes. She sees the error in the things she’s done and works to better herself.The complete transformation of this character really connected me to the story,and I went from greatly disliking her in Part 1, to becoming more accepting of her during Part 2, to loving her throughout Part 3. It was a wonderfully redeeming story of a girl that lost her way when she lost so much when she was younger.

Now Matt……. I absolutely loved Matt. He is this big muscled tatted up guy that looks scary as hell when he wants to but has a heart of gold. Seriously, one of my favorite scenes was when he pulls over to help a girl stranded on the side of a road when he’s driving along with Chloe. It’s not a part of the overall plot, or super important, but it showed just how genuine and nice this guy was and how he believed Chloe was inherently good even though at that point she didn’t believe she could be. He could see through the facade she created around herself to the girl she truly was, that she herself didn’t even know she could be.

Of course this story has some hot cars and some super hot scenes as well, but for me…… my favorite thing about any book I read is about how I can connect with the characters and the emotions that come through the pages as you’re reading. This book had it all. I highly recommend this one! 🙂

My  Ratings

Part 1: 4 stars!    Part 2: 5 Stars!   Part 3: 5 stars!


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