Before The Lie by K. D. Robichaux


This is the 2nd book I’ve read by K. D. Robichaux now, and let me tell you….. I am HOOKED! So much detail goes into the research for all the rock climbing scenes in this book, and I loved it. Each book I’ve read by her not only has an amazing story, but so much detail as well. The only thing I didn’t like……. that now I have to wait for the second book of the duet to find out what happens next!!!!

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Book Description

It was love at first sight.
Not just for me, but for Corbin as well.
Our eyes locked across the room, and that was all she wrote.
But we didn’t rush things.
We wanted to do it right.
After all, we would spend the rest of our lives together.
The love of my life.
My soul mate.
He was the intense and fiercely protective soldier,
and I was his doting and faithful lover.
I found my happily ever after.
This was our story…
Before the Lie


My Review

When I read the blurb for this book, it sounded really interesting but I was leery of the insta-love description. I’m usually one of those people that hate insta-love stories, which this one totally is, but it worked and I absolutely loved it. The descriptions and the way K. D. Robichaux wrote each scene really was breathtaking. From the way she described the slow build of Corbin and Vi’s relationship, to the way she described the rock climbing at the gym and going into so much detail with everything really sucked me into the story.

Corbin and Vi were both characters I really felt connected to. Corbin was your typical alpha male, but the way he fell in love with Violet and they formed their connection was really sweet. I seriously have nothing bad to say about this one, I loved it all….. except……. now I have to wait for book 2 to see what happens. That ending was a shocker!

I highly recommend this book and this author! I will be reading lots more of her books in the future!

My Rating: 5 stars!


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