The Hearts Series Box Set by L. H. Cosway


L. H. Cosway has become on of my all time favorite authors, and the Heart Series is one of my favorite series of books. The way that she creates these characters and stories is just mind blowing, and you can really feel a connection to them all.

She has now released the first 4 book of the series in a box set (#1 Six of Hearts, #2 Hearts of Fire, #3 King of Hearts, and #4 Hearts of Blue) which ALSO includes the brand new novella #5.75 Cross My Heart! You can’t get it anywhere else, so get it while the box set is on sale for .99! It is completely worth it, I mean 4 full length books and a novella for .99! Who can beat that???

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Out of these 4 main books, Six of Hearts and Hearts of Fire are my favorite. The settings and plotline are just so amazing! Six of Hearts reminds me of the movie Now You See Me, and Hearts of Fire with the Circus Spektakulär just mesmerized me! The setting for all of these books is amazing, you can really connect to all of the characters, and the stories are just wonderful!

Since I’ve reviewed every single Heart Series book on my blog already, I’ll be reviewing Cross My Heart, the brand new Novella that was just released with this set! The author was kind enough to give us ARCs of it 🙂


Description of Cross My Heart

Iris Garrigan has nothing.

Well, that’s not entirely true. She has her trusty Doc Martin boots. She has her Bowie obsession. And she has the stray cat that sneaks into her bed and keeps her company at night – it’s a quid pro quo relationship. The cat gets a warm body and she gets something alive beside her when she would otherwise be alone.
She also has a job. Sure, washing dishes hardly has her rolling in dough, but with no permanent abode, it’s the best she can do. She knows her new boss only lets her work in his restaurant out of pity, but she isn’t above cashing in on a little human compassion if it means she can survive to live another day.

Everything is going fine until Liam Cross starts to take notice of her, poking his newly minted police badge where it doesn’t belong. And if he doesn’t quit soon her not so legal living situation could find her in hot waters. Little does she know, Liam isn’t just being nosy, he’s trying to help. Iris has no idea that he’s been watching her for months, and that he’s completely enamored with her strange and peculiar ways.

When Liam discovers her secret Iris has two options: stay and face the music or run for the hills.


My Review of Cross My Heart

There is only one thing I hated about this novella……… and it’s that it was TOO SHORT! Omg the story was so amazing, and I really connected to Iris and Liam. Liam was always the quiet one in the Hearts Series, you never got much of him throughout the stories, but he has turned into one of my favorites and I am so glad we got to see him and his story.

Right from the start I could connect to Iris, she was such a strong and wonderful character, and she was quirky and different, which made her even more amazing! The way that her and Liam eventually fall in love was so sweet, and I was so sad when I got to the end of the story. I wanted so much more of them. I sincerely hope we get to see more of Iris and Liam in Hearts on Air, because I am not ready to let them go yet. This will be one I will read over and over again!

My Rating: 5 stars!!!


Links to the Author


Goodreads Author Page   Facebook Author Page   Amazon Author Page

Twitter @LHCosway   Website

Here’s some more teasers from books 1-4 of the series! Enjoy!

I found all of these teasers on L. H. Cosway’s facebook page. Some are made by her, some are made by fans. These were my favorites.

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