Always You By Belle Brooks


I found Belle Brooks through the Quirky Blind Date last Sept. when I had Thirty Days as one of my books. Her writing style blew me away, and I knew this was an author that was going places. I’ve been lucky enough to have received an ARC for each book she has released so far and each one has gotten better and better.

This book actually has a pretty great story too. Belle and Amber came up with the idea to create a complete blind date with Always You. She formatted it so that there was no cover, the author wasn’t mentioned anywhere, and there was no description. A true blind date. In our Quirky Blind Date Group we had 150 sign up, and 95% of the feedback has been wonderfully positive for this book. Everyone cried, and we all comforted each other in our book discussion group. It was probably one of the most epic book experiences I have been a part of 🙂

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My Review

THIS book…… It completely wrecked me. I was in tears for the last 1/4 of the book and for at least 30 min after the book was finished. I have NEVER been this affected by a book. THAT is how connected you become with these characters. I’m warning you now, it is a sad book, it will make you cry, but it is such a beautiful story that you have to read it. For me it’s one of those books that I am so glad I’ve read, and the characters will stick with me forever, but I don’t know if I’d be able to bring myself to read it again.

Will and May are just so real! The connection you form with these characters runs so deep. You laugh with them, you cry with them, you scream at them. You run through so many emotions in this book. It was heart-breakingly beautiful. The way Will and May’s family and friends are there every step of the way just warmed my heart. That’s one of my favorite things about this author. She brings these amazing characters to life through her words, and they really come alive.

I seriously can’t say enough about how much I loved this book. I even gave it a nickname, it’s “The Notebook” on steroids! (I love The Notebook).

Give this book a chance. While I was reading it I kept thinking “why in the hell am I reading this? This is killing me….. I can’t do this….. It’s gonna wreck me.” But the thing is…. it’s all about the journey. This book was such a beautiful story and I really am glad I read it.

My Rating: 5 stars!


This book wrecked me so bad I had to message Belle and rant to her (I do this with every book she writes lol she loves me) I thought it would be fun to share it with you. (This is about 5-10 min after I finished the book)

“Oh my freaking god belle!!!!!!!! I hate you!!!!! I seriously hate you right now!!!!!! I can’t stop crying! It’s been 15 min and I can’t stop crying!!!!!! Congratulations….. you have won the award for making Jenn have the worst ugly cry in the history of ugly cries!!!!!!! Damn you and your beautifully written stories that make me bawl my eyes out! It was so beautiful…….. everything about this book was so beautiful. I can’t even form a coherent thought right now. Omg I still can’t stop crying! What did you do to me Belle?!?

Will and Mays story was just absolutely beautiful. I started reading it yesterday and when I woke up this morning I couldn’t stop hugging my husband. You totally brought all the feels out in this one. You have one beautifully epic book right there! Seriously, I’ve read a handful of books that have made me feel that much emotion through the pages. It was so wonderful.”

Yeah….. This book totally broke me for about a day after reading it 😉


Links to the Author


Facebook Author Page   Twitter @bellebrooks16

Goodreads Author Page    Amazon Author Page

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