Falling Forever by Victoria Monroe


Victoria Monroe is one of the first authors I had ever received an ARC to review from, so I am so excited to be able to read and review her newest book of the series Falling Forever. Back then I was just a tiny little blog, and was so excited that I was even selected to participate and receive an ARC of Holding on Forever. Now almost a year later I get to review an ARC of book 2 of her series! Time really does fly!

To Victoria, thank you for taking a chance on my little blog!

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Book Description

Emerson and Ashe’s story. . .
Sometimes, everything you thought you’d never want becomes everything you’ll ever need.

Ashe and Emerson crashed into one another like two falling stars destined to collide. . .

Sexy as hell, Ashe Bennett doesn’t tie himself to anything or anyone.

Emerson Parker is beautiful, strong, and determined to keep Ashe away from her heart.

When determination is strong, but flesh is weak, Emerson may be the one chain Ashe refuses to break.

. . .but will their fire explode and burn out? Or will they become one star burning brighter together than they ever did apart.


My Review

Falling Forever picks up where Holding on Forever left off and brings us the story of  Ashe and Emerson, two of the side characters from the first book. There are things that happen in Holding on Forever that have significance in this one, so I would recommend reading Holding on Forever first.

I really enjoyed the story line of this one. Ashe is Laken’s brother, and Emerson works for Gage at Scott construction. In Holding on Forever, Ashe and Emerson have a spark between them, but Ashe pulls back and pushes Emerson away. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what happens between these two. The story again had great characters, and it was a really sweet story of second chances and forgiving one another, and learning to trust one another.

Ashe is a playboy that has finally found the girl he wants to try and make a life with, but Emerson finds it hard to believe he’s let go of that lifestyle. With so many misunderstandings causing pain and anguish between them, can they find their way back to each other again?

There were a few reasons that this one wasn’t given a higher rating. One big issue I had was in the beginning of the book with Ashe. He was pretty much being a peeping tom, and it just really made me dislike his character from the start. He was even arrested, because Emerson didn’t know it was him, but she didn’t press charges. Instead, she’s somewhat angry with him, but takes him home from the station and then falls into bed with him. That was a big character flaw in Emerson for me. I would have liked to see her be a little more angry and really have to be swayed to let Ashe back into her good graces. I mean he was watching her through her window for a while, and she was naked. That’s not okay in my book. Even though they had history, that’s still just wrong in my book. Each character did redeem themselves in my eyes later on, but that was just a big turn off for me right from that start.
The other issue I had was more about writing style and the way Emerson’s back story or introduction started in the book. Emerson is getting a massage and spills all of her history to the massage therapist, and it was just a really weird scene for me. It just seemed like there could have been a better way to show the reader these details about her. It felt like an information dump, and just didn’t fit well into the story for me. There were also a few places the timeline got a little confusing with how much time had passed, and seemed to jump ahead.

Once I got past the first 4-5 chapters the book picked up for me, and I did enjoy the story. It was a nice continuation of Holding on Forever, and a sweet story. It was nice to see the characters from the first book again.

My Rating:3.5 stars


About the Author

Victoria Monroe was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor of arts degree in English literature. She and her husband relocated a few times within the state. She favors the Pittsburgh region, where she had her son and daughter. After a ten-year career in corporate retail, she resigned, allowing her the ability to raise her children and write. Victoria loves spending time with her family. She loves music, reading and being outdoors – from the mountains to the beach and everything in between. Watching the sunrise and sunset are some of her favorite things to do. She always looks for a reason to laugh.

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