Lithium Jesus by Charles Monroe-Kane


Charles Monore-Kane is one of the authors that will be at Madtown Author Daze! You can meet him on April 15th at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.


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Book Description

Charles Monroe-Kane is a natural raconteur, and boy, does he have stories to tell. Born into an eccentric Ohio clan of modern hunter-gatherers, he grew up hearing voices in his head. Over a dizzying two decades, he was many things—teenage faith healer, world traveler, smuggler, liberation theologian, ladder-maker, squatter, halibut hanger, grifter, environmental warrior, and circus manager—all the while wrestling with schizophrenia and self-medication.
From Baby Doc’s Haiti to the Czech Velvet Revolution, and from sex, drugs, and a stabbing to public humiliation by the leader of the free world, Monroe-Kane burns through his twenties and several bridges of youthful idealism before finally saying: enough.
In a memoir that blends engaging charm with unflinching frankness, Monroe-Kane gives his testimony of mental illness, drug abuse, faith, and love. By the end of Lithium Jesus there may be a voice in your head, too, saying “Do more, be more, live more. And fear less.”

My Review

First off let me start by saying this book is not for everyone. Those who get easily offended by some crazy shenanigans involving drugs and sexual exploits….. this book is not for you. Faint of heart beware. That being said…… enter at your own risk 😉

I had kind of a love hate relationship with this book. I loved the writing style, as well as learning about the quirky and eccentric life Chuck has led, however there was some crazy shit that went down in this book. It was one of those instances where I’m glad that he had the balls to come out and tell his life story and struggles with mental health issues, BUT……. some of that stuff I just did not need to know. It’s like when your relative starts to talk about their kinky sex life and you stick your fingers in your ears and say, “la la la la la……. I can’t hear you”. (For example: the scene with the Danish tourist, Glynis, and a strap on….. or the sharing of the ecstasy pill…… or Carey and the fire…….. and there was more! Yeah, you wanna know what I’m talking about, well you’re just gonna have to read it to find out! 😉

Chuck has led a very fascinating life, and I don’t think there are many people who could say they have done as much as he has in their lifetimes. His story was entertaining and humorous at times to downright outrageous at others.  In reality though, I think this book carried an important message for others who might be dealing with the same type of mental health issues that he has gone through. His journey of self medicating and self discovery to finally ending up where he is today was interesting to say the least.

This book was definitely not my cup of tea, but YOU might find it an interesting and enticing read. Like I said enter at your own risk 😉

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