Never Give Up by Susan Spahn


Our next Madtown Author is Susan Spahn! I met Sue at the Badger State Author Event last summer, and she is such a sweet lady! Susan wrote this book about her brother in hopes to educate people of the dangers of diving headfirst into water, and inspiring those with injuries like Billy’s to never give up hope.

You can meet Sue at Madtown Author Daze on April 15th st the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art!

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Book Description

This is the true story of 12 year old Billy Spahn, a happy, athletic, energetic kid from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Going up to his family’s cottage was always the highlight of his summer. On July 3, 1975, Billy dove into the lake and broke his neck. His family was told he was a quadriplegic and he should be put in a nursing home. His family never accepted that prognosis and they never told Billy that he wouldn’t walk again.

This is the story of one child’s strength and determination to retrain his body and get his life back.

Bill Spahn became a successful businessman, in addition to having his own fishing show. He retired at the age of 45, a multi-millionaire.

This book is a true testament to what can be accomplished with courage, faith, hope and love – and, most importantly, when you… Never Give Up!

My Review

Never Give up is the inspirational true story of Billy Spahn, the authors brother.

When Billy was 12, he broke his neck when he dove into a lake in shallow water and became a quadriplegic. Doctors said that he would never walk again, but with the love and help from his family, he never gave up hope that one day he’d walk again. He beat the odds, and was not only able to walk again, but he became a successful businessman and entrepreneur, and also had his own fishing show on TV.

The book has a different view point for each chapter. There are 4 main points of view, Susan (Billy’s sister), Billy himself, Billy’s dad, and Jerry Enstrom, the physical therapist that helped Billy throughout his healing process.

The reason that this book was written I will copy from the book itself, because it is very meaningful. “My brother and I have discussed many times that we would go to schools and talk to kids about the dangers of diving and the importance of being careful when you are swimming and/or diving. Bill wanted to do this book with the hope that if one child hears his story and it makes them think twice before diving head first into the water, whether at a pool, lake, river, or pond, it will be worth it.” ~Page 128 Susan Spahn.

She also used the theme of “Never Give Up” throughout the book. No matter what doctors told her father, he never gave up hope that his son would walk again. He did everything he could to find doctors and physical therapists that could help him. Billy’s family never gave up hope, and they want to pass on that inspiration to others.

All in all it was a very inspirational book about overcoming hardships. I would definitely recommend it.


Sue and I at the Badger State Author Event!

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