Never With a Rich Man by Tina Susedik


Tina Susedik is another one of our amazing Madtown authors. I hadn’t heard of her before now, and I’m glad she is one of the Madtown authors because her books are right up my alley 😉

You can meet her in Madison WI on April 15th at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Madtown Author Daze

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Book Description

Cassie Jordan has been lied to, cheated on, and passed over at her job. Married to a wealthy womanizer, Cassie finds out he has been cheating on her. After her divorce, Cassie decides the wealthy can’t be trusted and vows never to fall for a rich man or anyone she catches lying to her.

Hogan Winters is part owner of a family business and has the kind of money Cassie despises. He’s tired of women coming on to him because he’s rich. He decides to never tell a woman about his financial status until she gets to know him as a person. As an undercover FBI agent, he uses his knowledge of antiquities to find the people who are bringing stolen WWII artifacts into the country. Unfortunately, the woman he’s falling for is in the crosshairs of the FBI.

Can they work through their preconceived notions and find true love?

My Review

Never With a Rich Man was a great read. The first 1/4 of the book was a little slow to start for me, but after that it picked up and I was hooked. I loved the characters that Tina Susedik created, and the storyline was interesting and pulled me in.

Cassie and Hogan had a unique relationship. Their meet cute was hilarious and awkward to say the least, but you knew they had that spark. When Hogan realizes that she is the one he is supposed to be investigating for the FBI, he must decide what is more important, the new relationship with Cassie or doing what his boss tells him to and getting intel about her and her involvement with their case. Cassie knows that she has feelings for Hogan, but she can’t bring herself to believe that he would ever want a woman like her after everything that happened with her ex husband. Will Cassie be able to let Hogan in, and what will happen when Cassie finds out the secrets that Hogan has been hiding? You’ll have to read to find out 😉

All in all I really enjoyed this. I loved Hogan and Cassie’s relationship and you could feel the emotions flowing through the pages. Some parts were a little slow while other parts seemed to fly a little too quickly (the ending felt a little rushed and I wish there was a little more to the meeting between Cassie and Hogan at the very end), but overall the story sucked me in and I loved it. If you love suspense and romance this one is for you 🙂


About the Author

Facebook Author Page   Amazon Author Page

Goodreads Author Page   Twitter @TinaSusedik

Tina always had stories running her mind while growing up, but didn’t start writing them down until she and her husband made one of their many moves, and she didn’t have a job. Her first story, a children’s story, started her love of writing.

While she has seven non-fiction history books in print, “Riding for Love” is her first published romance with Soul Mate Publishing.

When not writing, Tina enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren, reading, hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, and bird watching. The theme here is anything outdoors. Her favorite place to write is even outdoors, which is difficult in the long, cold, Wisconsin winters.


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One Response to Never With a Rich Man by Tina Susedik

  1. katdefalla says:

    Tina is great…we are lucky to have her at Madtown Author Daze!


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