Grandma Hearts: Bedtime by Dionne Kelm


Dionne Kelm is another one of our amazing Madtown authors. She has just released her first children’s book called Grandma Hearts: Bedtime.

You can meet Dionne at Madtown Author Daze in Madison WI at the Museum of Contemporary Art on April 15th!

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So I don’t have any kids, bit my kitties are my children 🙂 Gizmo is my blog mascot and also a momma’s boy, so he snuggled up with me to read Bedtime. He fully enjoyed himself!


Book Description

Now if you are a grandma, or even if you re not, there are things we should remember and these things mean a lot! Every child is a wonder, every child is a gift. Each one needs care and kindness, every child needs a lift! Bedtime should be loving, bedtime should be sweet. Evenings end with songs and stories, make every child s day complete.

My Review

This is a wonderful children’s book. The illustrations are adorable, and the story is sweet. It’s the perfect bedtime story for someone to read to their little one. One thing I thought was great was not only is it a sweet story, but it’s also interactive. On each page of the book there are “Grandma Hearts” to find. They are little plaid hearts hidden in the illustrations. There’s also a song sheet at the back of the book for the “Grandma Hearts Bedtime Song.”

I highly recommend this one for anyone that has little ones that they love to read bedtime stories to 🙂

About the Author

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