Remote in the Shadows by Noelle Rahn-Johnson


Noelle Rahn-Johnson is our next Madtown author. Her newest book Remote in the Shadows released April 4th! This one is a shifter romance.

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Book Description

Parker, a black leopard shifter living in a remote part of Oregon, saves the life of a woman and her child after they are in a car accident on a isolated road near his property.

Discovering Addison is on the run from an abusive relationship, one very pissed off leopard is determined to do everything he can to keep her and her baby, London, safe.

His animal insists Addison is his true mate, but Parker has lost one mate and doesn’t believe there will be another for him in this lifetime. He doesn’t believe he deserves one.

Will Parker learn to love again? Is he truly destined to have another mate or will his developing feelings for the woman leave him heartbroken and alone once again?

My Review

This was an interesting book. I enjoyed the plot line, and the characters were good, however the third person narration just didn’t allow me to fully connect with the them or the story.

Parker and Addison were enjoyable characters. Their slow building relationship was sweet. Parker being a black leopard shifter was pretty awesome. I loved how his inner cat could talk to him. He was fierce and protective and I loved the relationship he had with Addison’s daughter, London.  Addison was a strong heroine. She escaped her abusive ex, and was doing the best she could to raise her daughter. When Derek her ex comes back to stalk her, Parker will do whatever it takes to keep her and London safe.

The ending had a great twist, but it felt a little rushed. I would have loved to see a little more to it. All in all this was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it to anyone that likes a good shifter romance.

About the Author

Noelle currently lives in Northern Minnesota on a lake with her husband and their four children, two dogs, two rats, a handful of goldfish and a very spoiled cat. Her and her husband have been married since 1992 and were high school sweethearts.
She enjoys fishing, reading, shopping, writing and spending time with her family.
‘In Pieces’ is the first book in the Pieces trilogy; followed by Shattered Pieces and Broken Pieces. She has also released her first m/m romance called Returning for Ryder. She’s been signed with JK Publishing and NNP, Naughty Night Press in 2016. She plans on continuing her love of writing and releasing many more books for everyone’s enjoyment.

Goodreads author page   Amazon Author Page   Website

Twitter @noelle_rahn   Facebook Author Page


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