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Book Description

It’s been a decade since I divorced the love of my life, after her confession while I was deployed. Ten years since I spoke to Vi, my soul mate, the girl who had brought me to life only to stab me in the heart, sending me into an even darker state than where I was before I met her. Ten years, I’ve been watching her from afar, keeping tabs.
After a decade in the Army, two Purple Hearts and a Medal of Honor under my belt, I was kicked out with an honorable discharge, knowing no other skill than One Shot One Kill. Two years later, I’m part of a group of mercenaries who carry out justice. Criminals who hide behind their fancy lawyers and power—we take care of them and make it all look like karma. And with intel from our founder, Dr. Walker, a therapist with a long list of predators whose victims were too scared to turn them in, work is plenty and fulfilling.
Until Vi begins her sessions and I discover the reality I’ve lived the past ten years was nothing but a lie, when the truth is revealed.

My Review

When I first read Before the Lie, I absolutely loved it! I loved the characters and the story and I was really looking forward to the conclusion of their story after that cliff hanger, but I just didn’t enjoy this conclusion to Vi and Corbin’s story.

First off let me say, this book was well written, and you can tell everything was thoroughly researched for parts of the story. However, I just didn’t enjoy the story at all. In Before the Lie I felt such a deep connection to Vi and Corbin, and in Truth Revealed I just didn’t. I ended up really disliking Corbin by the end. I didn’t like how he pretty much stalked Vi over the 10 years, yet could never figure out there was a deeper issue at play with her “cheating”. This guy is supposed to be her soulmate, know her in and out, yet couldn’t think for 10 minutes to realize something was wrong and it takes him watching her therapy video to figure it out. I didn’t like how he reinserted himself into Vi’s life again by becoming Seven. The BDSM relationship didn’t bother me, but the fact that he allowed Vi to think he was Seven for so long really did. That’s a huge trust issue. The therapy sessions were emotional and real, but when Vi finally finds out about Corbin one of her responses to him stalking her for 10 years is “kinda…hot as fuck”. I’m sorry, I literally did a face palm with that one and had to put the book down for a min. I would have liked to see some anger and working through emotions like that with Corbin but there’s nothing. Also Corbin has had many sexual partners since the divorce, and Vi wants to live in a fantasy bubble and pretend none of it ever happened, which is all fine and dandy, but I just get tired of seeing the stories play out where the girl abstains from sex but the “alpha” male can be as promiscuous as he wants. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I want a strong female character, and it just felt like Vi was everything I don’t like in a female character in this book.

There were some things I did like. Corbin’s side job as a mercenary was awesome. I especially liked the jab at Brock Turner in the one scene. The side characters were good, Dr. Walker was an interesting character, and so was Seth. I was happy that Corbin and Vi finally had their happy ending.

Overall I just didn’t enjoy this book at all, I was more annoyed at things that were going on than anything. In my mind book one ended without the epilogue and this book never happened. I love K.D. Robichaux and will be reading more of her books in the future, but this one just didn’t pan out for me.

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About the Author

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KD Robichaux wanted to be a romance author since the first time she picked up her mom’s Sandra Brown books at the ripe old age of twelve. She went to college to become a writer, but then married and had babies. Putting her dream job on hold to raise her family as a stay at home mom, who read entirely too much, she created a blog where she could keep her family and friends up-to-date on all the hottest reads. From there, by word of mouth, her blog took off and she began using her hard-earned degree as a Senior Editor for Hot Tree Editing. When her kids started school, and with the encouragement from her many author friends, she finally sat down and started working on her first series, The Blogger Diaries, her very own real life romance.

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