Children’s Books by Frances Milburn


Frances Milburn is our next Madtown author. Her children’s books were originally featured in newspapers around the country and have now been compiled into 4 books.

You can meet Frances at Madtown Author Daze on April 15th in Madison WI.

Book Description

The serials here have been published in several newspapers around the US and Canada.  A serial is a story written in chapters with illustrations. Each chapter is printed in a sequential fashion with a bit of suspense at the end of each to keep the reader interested. It can also be viewed as a children’s book.

Basement Secrets

This was a short story about a girl that befriends a woman and child that have become homeless. They don’t speak English, but she learns to communicate with them and helps them out. It really had the message of tolerance and friendship, and reaching out to those in need.

Roscoe’s Treasure

This one was a cute story about a dog that finds a pair of dentures and his owners try to find the person who lost the dentures. It was funny, but I found myself thinking if I had dentures and a dog had them I don’t think I’d want to use them again 😉

Hundred Dollar Cat

This one was about a boy that accidentally gets $100 as change from a restaurant and decides to keep it. When his mom is driving him around they hit a cat and the boy convinces his mom to get it to a vet to try and save it. It’s a story about dealing with guilt and learning to tell the truth. Also that lying can cause consequences not just for you but can greatly effect other people.

Clothesline Messages

This one is about a boy that bikes past a farm that has clothes hanging out on a clothesline. There are words on some of the shirts and he thinks they are a message to him.

Overall Review

These children’s books were cute. They each had a lesson to learn from the story like telling the truth, being kind, and tolerance. The art work was interesting. They were all children’s drawings done in crayon depicting the scene. All in all great for any kid in you life 🙂

About the Author


I’ve always been a people person, whether in conversation or writing. Stories came naturally; and I’ve been writing forever, through childhood, teaching, traveling,and life adventures. So I decided the best way to share my writing and people interaction was to start this website. My writing includes 4 books, 40 short stories, poetry, and most recently children’s serials.


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