A Lump in the Road by Terri Enghofer


Terri Enghofer is another one of our amazing Madtown authors. You can meet her at Madtown Author Daze on April 15th!

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A Lump in the Road

Book Description

There’s no preparation for hearing the words, “You’ve got cancer.” But Terri came to realize that she’d been preparing her whole life for what happened the second after hearing those words, and every second that followed.

And so began Terri’s trek down a road with a lump called cancer. The pages of her story testify to her struggle to maintain sanity and grace as she works to integrate the demands of fighting cancer into her everyday life. Her words are candid, her battle authentic. She shares from her eyes and from the depths of her heart. Never tiptoeing around delicate issues or hiding her emotions, she exposes her vulnerability without guilt or shame. And she bares it all with an honest and edgy sense of humor.

A Lump in the Road speaks to anyone who has ever felt frightened or powerless under the weight of adversity. Staring down fear was Terri’s first step toward healing. A heart filled with hope and a fully-stocked backpack took her the rest of the way.

My Review

This was an inspirational true story about one woman’s journey of surviving breast cancer. In the face of uncertainty she uses humor and a strong spirit to get her through each day.

I think the thing I enjoyed most about reading this book was her candor. Nothing was sugar coated, and I liked that. The true emotions of what she was feeling came through the pages. You could feel the sadness, the anger, the confusion, the fear, and the happiness. You knew how it was going to turn out okay, because it’s the true story of the author, but you couldn’t help feeling anxious about what was going to happen next.

Definitely check out this great inspirational book.

About the Author

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