Boots on the Ground by Holly Tierney-Bedord


I first met Holly at the Badger State Author Event last August. Since then I’ve reviewed a few of her novellas and have learned that she has a quirky and unique writing style. She creates stories that are totally out there and interesting, and some are even a bit morbid (Like her Windy Pines Mystery Novellas). They are all unique and fun though, and Boots on the Ground is no different. I think this one has become my favorite out of the ones I have read so far. 🙂 You can meet her on April 15th at Madtown Author Daze!

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Boots on the Ground

Book Description

As the owner of the world’s largest professional wrestling establishment, Lucille Boots doesn’t have time for dating. She’s too busy keeping her wrestlers happy, getting choke-slammed on national television, and spending time with her college-aged daughter to worry about something as tedious as romance.

When her ex-husband sets out to recapture the empire he helped build, Lucille’s life goes from hectic to haywire. The only bright spot she can see is with the ultimate off-limits option: a professional wrestler. Will she break her own rules for love, or will it be business as usual?

My Review

I always love Holly’s quirky and unique characters in each of her stories, and Boots on the Ground definitely had some interesting characters!

The story revolves around Lucille and her wrestling empire that’s about to come crumbling down when her ex husband tries to find a loophole in his non-compete contract from when they divorced. Dimitri is a new and upcoming star in the wrestling world, and Lucille’s ex snaps him away from under her nose when he offers Dimitri a better contract to work for him. When she runs into Dimitri a few months later she’s angry at him, but soon that anger transforms into something else……. love…… lust……friendship? What will happen when people realize there is something going on between a wrestler for her ex’s company and her?

I absolutely loved Dimitri! He was a fun a happy character, and I loved how he was from Romania and had an accent and sometimes couldn’t understand certain euphemisms. It was hilarious. Also all the crazy wrestlers names and all the crazy things they did were just entertaining. I loved it!

This is my favorite book of Holly’s that I’ve read so far 🙂 Highly recommend!

About the Author

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Holly Tierney-Bedord writes contemporary fiction. She is the author of Surviving Valencia, Right Under Your Nose, Bellamy’s Redemption, and Coached, as well as children’s books. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.


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