Daily Meditations by Beth Christiansen


Beth Christiansen is our next Madtown author! You can meet her in Madison at Madtown Author Daze on April 15th!

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daily meditations

Book Description

“This book is intended to be read just a few pages at a time, to inspire one to mindfully contemplate one’s life in a postive way. It is a wonderful way to assure you touch base with your spiritual side daily. Each verse is designed to help us find the sacred in every moment and experience what we have.” — Joyce Woods
“The author communicates God’s message in a simple yet profound voice. She speaks to us about our spiritual practice and the divine encounters with God day by day, allowing us to shine a light pointing out the path forward. It is an acknowledgment that you are loved and held in the embrace of a higher power.” –Manjula Chilakapati

My Review

The meditations were inspirational and thoughtful, and I loved the pictures of the flowers throughout the book. They talked about love, kindness, thoughtfulness, beauty, being caring, and many other things. I think my favorite meditation from the book was “Look for beauty everywhere you go. Train yourself to see it. You can find beauty in the most barren landscape and in the crowded cities. You will find it everywhere once you learn to recognize it.” Another one I really loved was about being kind to people because everyone has things going on in their lives and you don’t know their stories.

There are 100 of these meditations, so I am sure you will find a few that resonate with you. 🙂

The only thing I didn’t like was some of the pages were set with a dark background color with black writing and it was harder to see. Also relating to the page colors, a lot of the flower pictures seemed drowned out because the page color was the same as the flower color. A contrasting color would have really made the flowers pop to the reader (especially since they were lovely pictures).

About the Author

Goodreads Author Page


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