Death in Cold Water by Patricia Skalka


Patricia Skalka is our next Madtown Author! You can meet her April 15th in Madison at Madtown Author Daze inside the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art!

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Death in cold water

Book Description

On a bracing autumn day in Door County, a prominent philanthropist disappears. Is the elderly Gerald Sneider—known as “Mr. Packer” for his legendary support of Green Bay football—suffering from dementia, or just avoiding his greedy son? Is there a connection to threats against the National Football League?
As tourists flood the peninsula for the fall colors, Sheriff Dave Cubiak’s search for Sneider is stymied by the FBI. When human bones wash up on the Lake Michigan shore, the sheriff has more than a missing man to worry about. With the media demanding answers and two puzzles to solve, Cubiak must follow his instincts down a trail of half-remembered rumors and local history to discover the shocking truth.

My Review

I’m not a huge mystery reader, so I didn’t know how I’d like this one, but I am pleased to say that I loved it. The first 1/4 of the book was a little slow to start, but when we start to get into the back story of the boys camp I got completely sucked in.

Patricia Skalka weaved an amazing story of suspense and had me guessing what they would uncover next. Cubiak was an interesting character, and I loved how he wouldn’t give up on his gut feeling that there was more to the kidnapping than met the eye. The backstory of the mystery was tragic and weaved a sad tale, but slowly everything gets uncovered and comes to light.

The storyline was great and had me hooked until the end. When I would start thinking I knew what was going on or what they would find, it would go another way and I loved how I couldn’t figure things out until the end.

All in all this was a great book and I’d highly recommend it 🙂

About the Author

Goodreads Author Page  Amazon Author Page

Website  Twitter @PatriciaSkalka

Skalka turned to fiction following a successful career in nonfiction. Her many credits include: Staff Writer for Reader’s Digest, freelancer, ghost writer, writing instructor and book reviewer.

Skalka is a member of several professional organizations, including The Authors Guild of America, Mystery Writers of America, and Society of Midland Authors. She lives in Chicago and Door County WI.


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