Behind the Wall by Jane Harvey-Berrick

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Jane Harvey-Berrick has become one of my favorite authors. Her stories are so unique, and her characters always have amazing back stories to them. She’s also not afraid to write about hard topics in her stories, and she always deals with these topics gracefully and completely sucks you into the story.  I’m always thankful when I’m able to participate in the blog tours for her books and get the privilege of reading and reviewing her ARCs 🙂

Also she totall made this blogger one of the happiest bloggers ever when I got a mention in the acknowledgements of this one 🙂 I literally started to cheer and my husband thought I was crazy 😉 It seriously meant the world to me to be acknowledged in one of my favorite authors books! So Thank You Jane!

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Book Description


The place where dreams fade and hope dies.

That’s what it’s meant for the five years that Garrett has been behind bars. But now hope is on the horizon and he’s daring to dream again: small dreams, small hopes.

Getting his GED would be a start. If only his prison-appointed teacher Miss Ella Newsome wasn’t so damn sexy.

As Garrett and Ella start to play a dangerous game, the price could be higher than either of them have guessed.


My Review

 I know this story was originally part of an anthology, but I had never read it. I’m kind of glad I didn’t though because it totally would have left me wanting more!

This story completely sucked me in! The way Jane Harvey Berrick handles and writes all of her characters is nothing short of amazing. Even though this is a novella, characters were fully developed, and you could really establish a connection with them. In a lot of novellas I have read, the story is so short you just can’t connect to characters like you would in a full length book, but in Behind the Wall I FELT that connection!

This story is about a second chances, and realizing that you are worth being loved. Garrett is in jail and close to getting out on parole. Ella is his teacher for a class prepping him to get his GED. When Ella realizes through Garrett’s writing in class that there is more to him than just a hardened criminal, she realizes there is a connection between them.

I highly recommend this book. Jane Harvey Berrick didn’t disappoint. I seriously haven’t read a book by her I haven’t loved yet!


About the Author

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 I get asked where my ideas come from. A lot. That’s a really hard one to answer, because it’s usually a build-up of vague ideas, conversations overheard (I do like to lurk), things I’ve seen or experienced, and sometimes just that weird alchemy that is imagination.

I carry a notebook everywhere in case inspiration strikes, and I’m often jotting down notes while I walk by the ocean with my four-legged best friend.

I write romance, a genre that I love (no pun intended), but I like to write about real-life, too. So you’ll see stories about soldiers returning from war and coping with the after effects (THE EDUCATION OF CAROLINE, SEMPER FI), you’ll see people coping with difference and disability (DANGEROUS TO KNOW & LOVE, PLAYING IN THE RAIN, SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM, THE TRAVELING WOMAN), but I’m also interested in writing about people and communities that are different from most experiences – the traveling / carnival community in THE TRAVELING MAN, THE TRAVELING WOMAN and ROUSTABOUT; the surfer community in SUMMER OF SEVENTEEN and THE EDUCATION OF SEBASTIAN; and of my most-loved books is LIFERS, about a man coping with returning to his home town after being released from prison.

DAZZLED is a romcom – with a little bit of heartbreak, but all my books contain humor. It’s something we all use, sometimes as a defense, sometimes during our darkest hours – and isn’t life a little bit of pathos, and a lot of bathos?

I hope you enjoy my stories. And I love to hear back from readers.

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