Lessons in Losing It by Jessica Peterson


I’ve been reviewing Jessica’s newest books since last fall, and I have fallen in love with her Study Abroad series! This book was kind of bittersweet because it’s the last book of the series, so I absolutely loved it, but was sad we won’t get more stories from the characters in this series. I love the style of her writing and how you really feel like you’re in Madrid when she describes settings. It’s one of the things that drew me into her books at first (as well as her characters 😉

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Book Description

I swore I’d keep things platonic with the studly soccer player I met in Madrid…until we ended up naked together on his living room floor #Screwed #PunIntended

Just friends…

That’s all soccer star Fred Ohr wants to be with Rachel Collins, the American student he meets at party in his adopted hometown of Madrid. He’s looking for the real deal—someone who’ll stick around Spain for more than a semester—so he resolves to keep her at arm’s length. Even if she is sexy as hell. Smart. And as crazy about sports as he is.

But friends don’t kiss. They don’t do sleepovers. And they definitely don’t get rug burn from having the best sex ever on the living room carpet.

Fred and Rachel’s connection is instant. Intense. He loves to cook breakfast for her. She loves it when he cooks wearing nothing but his glasses.

Only Rachel’s got a dream internship waiting for her back in the states. And Fred is lining up a contract worth millions to stay in Madrid. They’re playing with fire to keep seeing each other like this. But how can they resist when the sex is so great—really, really freaking great—and the fun they have together is even better?


My Review

I’ve read all of the Study Abroad series by Jessica Peterson, and I have to say, this one is probably my favorite. All of her characters are awesome, but I just felt a deeper connection to Fred and Rachel. Maybe because they are total nerds and love Harry Potter and crazy things like that, but I just fell in love with their journey. Plus Fred was adorable and I loved his POV parts of the book.

Fred is a star soccer (football) player in Madrid. The quiet and introspective one of the crew, liking to be alone and not engaging in the craziness of being a famous athelete. He wants a real relationship and is willing to wait for the right girl to come along. In walks Rachel and that’s where their story begins.

One of the things I really loved about this one was all the nerdy references to Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones (well technically not game of thrones since I don’t think she was allowed to use actual references, but you knew what it was referring to 😉 The characters both connected through their love of the books and things like that and it’s something I really loved. They started their relationship slow and built on their friendship first, which is nice considering how many books we see with insta-love.

All in all I absolutely loved this book and am sad to see that this is the last book of this series, BUT I am looking forward to seeing where Jessica goes from here 🙂


About the Author


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Jessica Peterson began reading romance to escape the decidedly unromantic awkwardness of her teenage years. Having found solace in the likes of Mr. Darcy, Jamie Fraser (OMG love the gingers!), and Edward Cullen, it wasn’t long before she began creating tall, dark and handsome heroes of her own.

She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, Mr. Peterson, and her smelly Goldendoodle Martha Bean.

Other Books in the Study Abroad Series

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