Silence is Golden by Sara Ackerman


SIlence is Golden is the 2nd book of the Westby Sisters series. It’s a historical romance with a bit of a twist 🙂

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Book Description

Ever since Evelyn Westby was cursed, she hasn’t been able to speak to anyone outside her family. That hasn’t stopped men from seeking her favor, especially the handsome and eligible Lord Alexander Newgate. But when her sister elopes and her betrothal is then canceled, Evie will do anything to win back her fiancé, even travel to war-torn France to find the gypsy who cursed her.

Alfred Coombes takes his fate into his own hands when he quits his employment to follow the call of adventure. On the road, he meets Lady Evelyn Westby and sees she needs a protector. Sacrificing his own journey, he becomes her guardian. Treacherous weather and a sinister smuggler throw them together, and he must decide whether to continue his journey or take a chance on a new adventure with a captivating beauty.

My Review

I really enjoyed the second book of this series. It follows the story of Evelyn Westby, the youngest Westby sister. She has the curse of silence, and can only speak in front of her immediate family, otherwise she can’t speak. When her fiancé breaks things off with her she decides to take matters into her own hands to try and win him back. Little does she know she will run into the one man that could change everything for her.

I think this is actually my favorite book of the series so far. Alfred was such a great character, and it was because he wasn’t the typical alpha male. He was quiet and soft spoken, and doesn’t really know his way around the ladies. He worked hard to provide for his family, and put his dreams aside to take care of them. When he and Evie meet, they dance around one another slowly building their relationship. Those are my favorite types of romances.

The side story with Beatrice, the oldest sister, was amazing too! I hope we get to see more of her later on. There were some great scenes, some funny, some action packed. A few scenes were a little drawn out, but all in all this was a fun read.

Anyone who loves historical romance will enjoy this one. I’m not a huge reader of historical and I really enjoyed it 🙂

About the Author

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